Corporate Training & Certifications

FACT: These are not “actor” skills. They are vital skills for everybody, from a junior sales rep to the most senior CEO.

We Build Impressions, One Individual At A Time.

Up your nett worth and fast-track your career path with these skill-sets:

  • Effective engagement with individuals & groups
  • Clarity & fluency in interpretation
  • Critical analysis of subject matter or theme
  • Logical thought & presentation of ideas
  • Sustained confidence & clarity in maintaining a point of view
  • Ability to creatively convey mood and variation
  • Candid & lively delivery of material
  • Better listening skills; higher aptitude in interactive communication
  • Effective use of physical space to transmit your message
  • Composure: authority & ownership of conveyed material

Fully exploit your skillsets! Be brilliant. Be on top of the heap!

Such empowered individuals add tremendous value to any organisation. You’ll be hunted down for the obvious edge you have over others, and what you can bring to a team or a corporation.

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