9 Sep

Course Reservation for Look Who’s Talking



You are reserving a place in StageCraft’s Look Who’s Talking class. You will need to pay a reservation deposit of RM200.00 which will be followed by a confirmation email from us. Once you have paid the reservation deposit, please proceed to fill the Student Registration Form here.

At the end of the registration period, you will be contacted again and given a date and time for your child to come in for an Oral Assessment which will help us determine your child’s Grade/Level and the balance of fees to be paid to complete the registration process.

If you have already paid the reservation deposit or have questions, please fill the Student Registration Form here.

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Students in this class will be exposed to Communication Skills as well as Acting or Drama skills – both syllabus from Trinity College London. They will be grouped into Grades or Levels according to their speaking and comprehension abilities.

All students in this programme will take the Trinity College London Drama and Speech exams once a year.

There will be an average of 10 classes per term, with 4 terms in a year. Classes are conducted once a week, of 1.5 hour duration per class.

Fees are charged on a termly basis. Term fees vary depending on the Grade or Level but begin at a very affordable RM375/- for the Grade 1