For the Young & Super-Young

asian-womenYou want to give your child or teenager the best tools for advancement. Naturally, you start with Communication skills.

Look Who’s Talking is a unique programme that opens your child to a best-of-both blend of Trinity College London’s Communication Skills as well as Acting & Speaking (Drama) syllabus.

Communication Skills and Public Speaking

  • Our licensed instructors are trained in specialist fields.
  • We coach and present for examinations a cross-section of students from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan, among others.
  • We are especially proud to help produce individuals who are capable of expressing themselves clearly and articulately in English, even if it is not their mother tongue.
  • We understand that youngsters must often start by overcoming a fear of judgement (and rejection) everytime they open their mouths. Then they must be equipped with the right words, and taught how to deliver them in the right manner.


  • With these skills comes confidence – we start seeing improvements in our students as quickly as 3 weeks into our programme.
  • From then on, children progress to become mature, articulate, persuasive and effective communicators.
  • This is a priceless foundation for life.
  • Can your child afford not to have this?

Acting and Speaking


StageCraft’s Drama classes are for everyone who ever needs to tell a story or make a convincing presentation.

Persuasion is a fine art. The science includes components of intonation, expression, body language, physical space, and knowing your audience.

You will be taught all this, and practise it in class. Your audience – and our instructors – will challenge you to fulfil their expectations and meet your objectives.

Expect to develop your intelligence in 4 key areas:

  • Kinesthetic (body smart)
  • Linguistic (word smart)
  • Musical (rhythm smart)
  • Social: Intrapersonal & Interpersonal (self & people smart)


Can you already project the benefits for yourself, your school, or your marketing team?

So take control now, awaken your dramatic potential, and direct the performance of your life! Simultaneously, equip yourself with a paper qualification befitting your talents and aspirations or ambitions.

Needless to say, such empowered individuals add tremendous value to any organisation.


So they grow up smart, PLUS have knockout personalities.